ABM Group UK Limited

Saphire’s IBMS product is integral to our business. We make use of the whole IBMS suite which powers our business and has allowed us to digitise the way we manage our engineers and soft facilities workers. The IBMS:OnTime product was key to our acquisition of the Transport for London cleaning contract and is now active throughout the business.

We also utilise Saphire’s IT provision as our outsourced Helpdesk. This has been very rewarding as it provides us with a skilled and customer care orientated IT department for our 3000+ employees whilst keeping costs limited. Saphire have provided our business with services for over ten years and are one of our most trusted suppliers.

Helistrat Management Services Limited

Saphire have provided new technology and innovations for us over the last 3 years that we have been working with them. They are flexible and provide IT support at unsociable hours when required.  While working in partnership, Saphire have improved our visibility of how IT resources are being used (e.g. hardware, software, licencing, etc) and worked with us to make the necessary changes and investments to ensure we are working as effectively as possible.

Oxygen Aviation Ltd

We have been a client of Saphire computers for the last 7 years, in that time they become an integral part of our business structure. Saphire provide our Email exchange accounts, build our bespoke business management / CRM system, protect our networks and data, and support us with any general IT problems we may have from day to day.

The standard of service provided to us by Saphire Computers has been consistently excellent, with friendly knowledgeable staff and a flexible and ‘get the job done’ attitude. Saphire Computers really excel at maintaining client relationships by taking the time to understand Clients requirements on an individual business level and their response times to issues are always prompt. With Saphire we’re always well advised and informed.

All around a pleasure to deal with.

Edmund Services Ltd

We have been a client of Saphire Computers since it’s inception more than 20 years ago. They provide all of our IT Services and fully support all of our staff with their IT and IBMS requirements.

Saphire have always provided a good service to us and especially excel in developing their IBMS product to constantly provide us with new features and implement additional features we need for our business to improve.

We have an especially good relationship with the Technical Services Manager Mike Cripps who provides an excellent level of services and makes sure the staff are always working to a high standard.