Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance

Microsoft is one of the largest software manufacturers and service providers in the world. They are one of the driving forces behind movement of IT solutions to the cloud and to facilitate this they have integrated their own security solutions into their products.

Within the Office 365 suite Microsoft have provided the Security and Compliance centre which rates the security of your environment and provides steps to be taken to improve it. This area facilitates Mulit-Factor authentication for Office 365, enhanced security¬†permission and other vital security services. Although this service is included at no additional cost with your Office 365 package, we are experts in configuring your environment to be it’s most secure.

Aside from Office 365, Microsoft are also providing the Microsoft 365 service which works at a business and enterprise domain level. Tied to this is the Microsoft Business/Enterprise Mobility and Security suite which allows for additional functionality and monitoring of devices within your network. Within its different levels it provides an MDM Solution (mobile device management), two-factor authentication, Business Intelligence Reports and other fantastic features. This service is  not required for all businesses, but would certainly make your business a data security leader in your sector.

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