We offer a wide range of IT solutions which can be tailored to meet your business needs.

For a more detailed description of the services we provide, please read below.

Helpdesk Services

Helpdesk Services

As your outsourced IT support department we aim to become an integral part of your business.

Our Helpdesk operations are flexible enough to work to a variety of SLA’s & service options to meet your business needs.

  • Standard support service during core business hours
  • Out of hours service providing you with support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Adhoc support billed by the hour.

We provide support by phone, remote control and on site, tackling any errors, issues or just general questions.

Our support services can be engaged via phone, email or if you are local you can drop in to see us.

We also offer a fully automated web portal service where by users can log queries directly into our helpdesk via a dedicated email or a web portal which also gives you complete visibility of your outstanding and completed incidents. The system then provides you with automatic updates on your queries.

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Network Design and Implementation

Network Design and Implementation

We specialise in upgrading your existing infrastructure to more current networking technologies, providing greater bandwidth and throughput for todays data and communications needs.

Slow network response and intermittent dropping connections can cause loss of employee productivity, revenue and customers. With our Cisco CCNA and Zyxel Partner trained technicians we have the skills and expertise to find network problems and bring them to quick resolution.

Our network engineers are able to monitor the performance of your network using ZABBIX, an enterprise-grade network monitoring tool. ZABBIX provides a constant flow of detailed information about your network, making it easy for our us to make adjustments and replacements before you even notice the problem.

Our technicians understand how to install and tune a wide spectrum of networking devices to be optimised for access and performance. Aside from this, data encryption is always taken into consideration to deal with security. This is especially important in the current era of GDPR regulation.

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Hardware and Software Solutions

Hardware and Software Solutions

We supply a wide range of industry standard software at competitive prices sourced direct from the channel.

Additionally we work with the UK’s largest distributors to provide an excellent range of products ranging from mobile phones, to laptops to data-centre grade servers. Hardware can be shipped as standard or tailored and pre-configured to your specification. Our aim is to provide competitively priced hardware spec’d to meet your expectations but with the options to upgrade to meet your future needs.

As HP Direct, Dell EMC and Intel Gold partners we are in a a prime position to provide your business with the best business grade devices at competitive prices. Our sales staff also have the expertise to advise you on the best devices to fulfil your requirements.

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Business Security Systems

Business Security Systems

Using our strong partnerships with leading software vendors we will provide you with a comprehensive solution to deter and protect against potential security attacks.

We also maintain network Intrusion Detection Systems that constantly monitor and autonomously deter network attacks. We do this using technologies such as Zyxel, Cisco & Netgear switches and firewalls. We also work closely with Barracuda for mail flirtation and security.

We offer a tailored antivirus solution at an individual user level through to enterprise solutions with a single secure point of management and control. Our portfolio allows us to provide enterprise level anti-virus which ensures protection for your entire network with minimal cost & labour.

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Off site backup and Disaster Recovery

Off site backup and Disaster Recovery

Safety-Net is Saphire’s all in one solution for daily onsite and offsite backups, with a combined offsite disaster recover solution run out of our tier 3 data-centre.

We use an array of industry leading software and in-house solutions to protect to all of your data. Dependent on your requirements we provide a variety of backup services. The solutions we provide range from:

  • Daily onsite backups
  • 256bit encrypted offsite backups
  • Offsite replication for disaster recovery scenarios
  • Offsite SQL Replication
  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP)
  • 365 Microsoft Office Suite Cloud Backups

With our 24/7 monitoring tools we can track the status of all our disaster recover solutions and email our clients daily with the status of all their backups. Alternatively we can provide web portal access for clients to view the real-time status of their backups.

We  also continuously monitor our clients’ live environments to minimise any issues that can cause long term delays. This means we are able to start resolving the issue before our clients even call. This helps to minimise lost productivity in our clients’ workplace.

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Anti-Spam and Firewall Management

Anti-Spam and Firewall Management

Spam is not only an inconvenience now it can waste time and expensive network resources. We utilise both licensed and Open Source solutions that filter mail before reaching your existing email server. Our solutions provide an integrated Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus solution offering complete email protection before unwanted or potentially dangerous and costly email reaches your network or mail server.

We work closely with Barracuda to integrate their mail protection hardware and software into your network to make sure that you are best protected from threats. Over 70% of viruses in the workplace arrive via email, so it should be your business’s priority to make sure your mail is protected to the highest standard to avoid loss of data.

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Hosted Environment

Mobile Worker Solutions

Saphire Computers offer a bespoke Data Centre hosting platform which allows you to run your business from any location. With this solution your data and programs are kept on a virtual server in our Fareham Data Centre taking away the high upfront costs of purchasing your own servers. We offer this solution on a minimum 12 month contract on a cost per user basis.

Benefits of a Hosted Solution:

  • Low upfront costs – Great for small businesses
  • Data Safety – Our Data Centre is protected by our partnered security products
  • Remote Work – All you require is an internet connection to access your server from anywhere in the world
  • Secure Access – ESET 2-Factor Authentication can be enabled and Access can be geo-fenced to only allow access from certain devices or locations
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IT Strategy

IT Strategy

We provide consultations to businesses from small to enterprise level. Within this our account managers and systems architects work closely and can provide your business with an IT Strategy for the time frame you require. This can range from a short-term project you need implemented or your full IT strategy for the next 5 years.

We have experienced Project Managers and Prince 2 trained advisors to make sure your project is cost and time effective and will result in your desired outcome. IT projects are an essential part of modern business as they provide extra functionality and communication methods for the rest of your business.

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