IT Solutions

We offer a wide range of IT solutions which can be tailored to meet your business needs.

All skills are in house and nothing is outsourced enabling us to keep costs low whilst still providing a wide range of quality products and services.

We support clients ranging from five users to over two hundred users. We also provide specialist consultancy services for large corporations.

Helpdesk services

As your outsourced IT support department we aim to become an integral part of your business.

Our Help desk operations are flexible enough to work to a variety of SLA’s & service options to meet your business needs.

  • Standard support service during core business hours
  • Out of hours service providing you with support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Adhoc support where we bill by the hour.

We provide support by phone, remote control and on site, tackling any errors, issues or just general questions.

Our support services can be engaged via phone, email or if you are local you can drop in to see us.

We also offer a fully automated web portal service where by users can log queries directly into our helpdesk via a dedicated email or a web portal which also gives you complete visibility of your outstanding and completed incidents. The system also provides you with automatic updates on your queries.

Network design and implementation

We can upgrade your existing infrastructure to more current networking technologies, providing greater bandwidth and throughput for todays data and communications needs.

Slow network response, intermittent dropping connections cause loss of employee productivity, revenue and customers. We have the skills and equipment to find network problems and bring them to quick resolution.

We have the tools to monitor the performance of your network and make adjustments and replacements before you even notice the problem.

Our technicians understand how to install and tune wireless routers and access points, to be optimised for access and performance. Data encryption is always taken into consideration to deal with security.

Hardware and Software Solutions

We supply all industry standard software at competitive prices sourced direct from the channel.

Additionally we offer a full range of peripheral devices, individual workstations, laptops through to servers from all manufactures on next day delivery. Hardware can be shipped as standard or tailored and pre-configured to your specification. Our aim is to provide competitively priced hardware spec’d to meet your expectations but with the options to upgrade to meet your future needs.

Business Security Systems

We will provide you with a comprehensive solution to deter and protect against potential security attacks from any angle.

We also maintain network Intrusion Detection Systems that constantly monitor and autonomously deter network attacks. Using technologies such as Zyxel, Cisco & Netgear switches and firewalls.

We offer a tailored antivirus solution at an individual user level through to enterprise solutions with a single secure point of management and control. Enterprise level anti-virus ensures protection for your entire network with minimal cost & labour.

Off site backup & Disaster Recovery

Safety-net is a real-time SQL replication service to a remote server and an overnight backup of all exchange and file server data to a remote server.

All replication data is encrypted and sent over a secure tunnel between the your servers and Saphire’s replication servers.

SQL Server replication:

The local SQL server is configured to replicate in real-time to the SQL server hosted at the Saphire data centre in Gosport. The real-time replication is a transaction based system. The remote replication server is approximately 6 seconds behind the primary SQL server.

File Server replication:

The local file and exchange servers will be configured to perform bit-wise replication to the Saphire RSync server in our data centre in Gosport on a daily basis.

The current file and exchange systems have 250 gigabytes of data. The overnight RSync replication process starts at 2am each day and takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

Notifications & monitoring:

The SQL replication process is monitored in real time at the Saphire offices; in addition to this a Snapshot email is sent each day to a nominated email address detailing the current state of the SQL replication.

In the event that the SQL replication service stops working for 3 consecutive transactions an automated email is sent to the Saphire Helpdesk and the SQL node on our SNMP network monitoring system changes to red.

The RSync file and exchange data replication process sends an email to both the Saphire Helpdesk and a nominated email address on completion each night.

The RSync, SQL and data links hosted at the Saphire datacenter in Gosport are monitors on a 24/7 basis using our SNMP monitoring systems.

Disaster recovery:

In the event of a DR situation arising we will be able to provide immediate access to the SQL replication server.

Access to your email and file server systems would be put in place within 24 hours of Saphire being advised that a disaster situation has arisen.

Safety Net Network Diagram.jpg

“Safety Net” Service - ISO 27000:

ISO 27000 is the standard for information security & incorporates ISO 27001 & ISO 27002 (formally known as ISO 17799). The ISO27000 standards are a broad set of definitions for the secure storage and access of data. Our “Safety Net” service conforms to the definitions defined in the ISO 27000 standards. Specifically, during the backup phase the data is encrypted before being transferred to the “Safety Net” servers which are themselves behind a firewall. Access to your data is via a 128bit security encrypted SSL link using RDC (Remote Desktop Connection). From a physical point of view the servers are stored in locked comms cabinets in a secure comms room at our new offices. All of the servers have redundant power supplies and are protected with a UPS which provides 30 minutes of up time. The hard drives in all of the servers are RAID 1 mirrored.

As part of the process of setting up the “Safety Net” service we would agree in advance the data to be backed up and the applications required to be in place on our hosted servers. The process of changing the email to be delivered to an alternative server can take up to 24 hours to propagate around the internet and therefore whilst you will be able to access your systems immediately it can take up to 24 hours for your email delivery to be setup to our hosted servers.

There is no additional charge for data recovery. In the event of you needing a full restore, we will provide it to you on a media of your choice. To use your example of your server being stolen, whilst your replacement server was being setup you would be able to access our hosted servers via RDC and continue to use Email, IBMS, Sage and access your server based documents. It should be noted that the “Safety Net” service does NOT backup anything stored on your local PC, in “My Documents” for example.

Recovery of any of your data is very simple; it is not just intended to be used for disaster situations as you can in use it to recover a deleted file or folder instantly (provided it is part of the “Safety Net” backup profile).

Whilst the “Safety Net” service will contain a complete mirror image of your data, in the event of a DR situation arising there are always going to be limitations in terms of performance and access to certain local hardware, for example, the hosted services would only have limited access to access your local printers and no access at all to your local scanners.

You will receive a daily email which provides details of the last 24 hours backup activity, the systems are also monitored 24/7 in real time using our SNMP monitoring systems. These systems not only notify us of any failures immediately but additionally send alerts in the event individual system triggers, for example, CPU and Disk space utilisation alerts at 75% and individual server service failures.

We have a demonstration login setup on our “Safety Net“ server which if you have 15 minutes to spare we can go through with you.

Access to your email and file server systems would be put in place within 24 hours of Saphire being advised that a disaster situation has arisen.

Anti-Spam & Firewall Management

Spam is not only an inconvenience now it can waste time and expensive network resources. We utilize both licensed and Open Source solutions that filter mail before reaching your existing email server. Our solutions provide an integrated Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus solution offering complete email protection before unwanted or potentially dangerous and costly email reaches your network or mail server.

Multi Location and Mobile Worker Solutions

We can provide your company with a full blown remote access solution no matter what your current environment at a fraction of the cost of Microsoft Terminal Service or Citrix.

Our remote access solution options range from full access to shared resources just as if you were sat at your desk to defining access on a per user basis where you pick which users get access to specific data and server side applications. Other features include:

  • Remote Universal Printing
  • Dual-screen
  • Bi-directional sound
  • Access to local USB devices

IT Strategy

Our approach to information technology (IT) planning is innovative, yet simple. Whether it is strategy development or helping your to identify, define, and develop initiatives that save money, improve quality and enhance performance. We've succeeded in helping our clients gain increased efficiency in the delivery of their products and services through technology-related planning and execution, leading to a boost in market value and competitive advantage for the organization.