The IBMS product range combines comprehensive functionality with total flexibility. It uses the industry standard database, Microsoft SQL Server and can be used on existing hardware. It operates transparently across networks, and allows existing data to be imported or exported. Our database structure allows end-users to develop their own reports using the industry leading Crystal Reports or any other reporting tool.

IBMS offers a variety of configurations and modules to UK businesses. As these needs change, IBMS can be expanded and reconfigured with minimum effort to include new options and functions. IBMS is a truly integrated, flexible system that grows with your business.


Our office based application runs on Microsoft Windows and provides flexibility for all administrative and management needs. The core product includes the following features:

  • Work orders
  • Quotes
  • Project Management
  • Customer Relations Management
  • Planned Maintenance (PPM)
  • Audit Control
  • Asset Management
  • Helpdesk
  • Appointments Diary
  • Sales Invoicing
  • Purchase Orders Control & Management
  • Direct interface to all accountancy systems
  • Purchase Invoice Control & Management
  • Stock Control
  • Production Control
  • HR Management
  • Vehicle Management
  • Materials cost analysis
  • Document Management System
  • Clients, Sites & Suppliers Management
  • Email & SMS messaging
  • Comprehensive and tailored reporting
  • Digital Dashboard
  • Labour cost analysis

IBMS Dashboard

As part of IBMS:Core you will receive IBMS:Dashboard which is a powerful scheduling tool.

At a glance the dashboard flags any SLAs which have not been met and then allows you to easily shift appointments and engineers around ensuring you make the best use your resources given their location and current commitments.

Typically the dashboard is run on a large flat screen TV or projector but many users also run this locally too.

IMBS Dashboard

From within the dashboard you can send a message direct to the engineer and also bring up the full details of the job.


IBMS:Live provides a completely web enabled interface to your IBMS system for your remote workers, clients and contractors. This feature will be tailored to seamlessly integrate with your current website.

Easily accessed through a standard web browser, IBMS:Live offers an extremely powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use software platform to provide a single, integrated view of all of your facilities and maintenance activities.



IBMS:Lite is our mobile software application for field workers. IBMS:Lite integrates directly with the IBMS:Core system, it enables real-time communication with field service operatives. Information flows seamlessly between the back-office and the mobile operative, providing greater efficiencies and control over the mobile workforce.

The software receives jobs and updates from the back-office whilst enabling the mobile operative to capture essential data such as timesheets, parts used, customer signatures and certificates.

IBMS:Lite can be installed on any Microsoft Windows based laptop or netbook. Our semi-ruggedised tablet netbook provides an ideal platform for your mobile operatives.


To complete the experience why not run IBMS:Lite from our Ruggedised tablet netbook.

Ruggedised Netbook Netbook Video

IBMS Mobile

Our native Android application is a scaled down version of IBMS:lite adapted for hand held devices.

IBMS:Mobile allows your engineers to review & update work that has been assigned to them and capture client signatures from their phone or android device.

IMBS mobile

Just like IBMS:Lite, IBMS:Mobile interfaces directly with IBMS:Core giving you a truly mobile experience keeping your engineers at work.

IBMS Accounts

IBMS:Accounts is our bespoke interface that sits between IBMS:Core and your accounts program (Sage, Quickbooks etc).

As part of the course of using IBMS on a day to day basis all your sales invoices and purchase invoices are created.

IBMS2Accounts provides seamless transfer of your sales and purchase transactions into all major accounts programs and can be modified to talk to any other system that we do not presently cater for.

IBMS Accounts

When you run the program you will be presented with all the transactions waiting to go into your account program. You have the opportunity to hold back any of the invoices from your accounts system.

The system will also highlight any transactions that cannot be transferred. Reason might be it is a new supplier or nominal code that is in IBMS but has not yet been added to your sage program. With the examples above there are just 5 invoices that have been rejected for transfer and the last column states it is because these are a new client in IBMS that does not yet exist in your accounts program. Simple!

Imagine never having to enter in another transaction into your accounts program again.

Financial Stuff

You have 2 choices: purchased and hosted.


Your IBMS suite of applications will be hosted at our datacentre with a dedicated firewalled 100Mb link

Our hosted IBMS:Core service can be accessed using Windows Remote Desktop Connection 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The only capital cost is for the setup & configuration, we would however recommend that you also have at least one day on site training and/or training provided remotely via the phone and remote access.

Database Setup & Configuration from £1,800.00


User licenses

  • 1-4 users, all users charged at £50 per user per month (4 users would cost you £200.00 per month)
  • 5-8 users, all users charged at £45 per user per month - 10% discount (8 users would cost you £360.00 per month)
  • 9-12 users, all users charged at £42.50 per user per month - 15% discount (12 users would cost you £510.00 per month)

User licenses

  • 1 - 10 Hosted IBMS:Lite @ £30.00 per user per month
  • 10 – 20 Hosted IBMS:Lite @ £25.00 per user per month


All prices quoted are inclusive of maintenance

Additional products


Web Portal

Our price includes the customisation of the web portal to give it the same “look & feel” as your current web site.

Live modules include, PPM, DMS Docs and home page.

There are many other options available including, ‘Quotes, Helpdesk etc. be aware that you can expose any part of IBMS to the outside world in a controlled fashion, it is just up to you how you want to do it.


Tablet Netbook

Tablet Netbook
  • 10.1" Rotating screen
  • Windows 7 Starter
  • Atom N2600
  • 32GB SSD
  • 1GB DDR3 RAM



If you wish to discuss purchasing the IBMS suite of applications you will need to contact us for a quote as there are a number of factors to be taken into consideration.

Purchased Maintenance & Support charges:

Our maintenance & support agreement provides direct and unlimited access to the Saphire Computers technical support helpdesk. We will provide telephone and remote access based support Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm (excluding public holidays).

Full details of the technical support agreement will be provided as the project moves forward.

The cost of the support is based on the number of users and is reviewed annually.

The annual support charge will be split into 12 equal parts and invoiced monthly in advance.

The maintenance and support agreement for IBMS will come into effect 4 months after the project has been signed off.

Purchased Terms and Conditions

The total project cost will be split into 4 parts and invoiced on the following schedule:

  • 15% - on receipt of order.
  • 30% - on completion of initial installation & training.
  • 30% - on completion of all training.
  • 25% - 30 days after the project has been completed & signed off.
  • All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.
  • Our invoice terms are 30 days from invoice date.
  • IBMS requires a Microsoft Windows 2003 Server or above
  • IBMS requires a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or above
  • Our IBMS:Core client application requires a PC running Windows XP or above with a minimum of 1GB of RAM and 50mb free disk space.
  • Our IBMS:Lite mobile operative solution is dependent on the appropriate broadband services and hardware being in place.
  • Our IBMS:Live web portal service is dependent on the appropriate broadband services and hardware being in place.

Standard Rates across the board:

Scheduled day rate (Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm) £480.00

Scheduled hourly rate for development & consultancy £45.00

End User License Agreement:

Click here to download the IBMS End User License Agreement